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Run, walk or cyle the 3,949 miles from the surface of the Earth to the centre of the Inner core anywhere, anytime and without a time limit.



Journey to the Centre of the Earth

  • It is 3,949 miles from the surface of the Earth to the centre of the Inner Core and so we challenge you to Run, Walk or cycle the equivalent distance without facing the fiery temperatures !


    There is no time limit on this challenge, apart from your own personal goals and when you have completed the miles, simply send the evidence to us at and we will send you out your bespoke Earth themed medal and a finishers certificate with your finish time on. So whether you are a true mileage monster doing hundreds of miles a month or you take a more relaxed approach, you will still finish your challenge.


    We accept evidence from Strava or any other electronic tracking app, however, we accept that not everyone uses these, so a manual log of your distance is perfectly acceptable.


    We will send you an email at the end of each month for you to submit your mileage for that month to help you keep track of your journey to the centre of the Earth should you want us to. As you pass through each layer of the Earth, we will send you an e-factcard about that layer.


    We really hope you will join us on the Journey to the Centre of the Earth

  • Shipping is included in the entrance fee for all challengers in the UK. For challengers outside the UK there is a £4.00 shipping charge.


    Medals and certificates will be posted within 48 hours of receiving your final finishing submission.