The Appalachian Trail is 2189 Miles long starting in Main and finishing Georgia passing through 16 American states. The challenge is to run, walk or cycle those miles.


There is no time limit on this challenge so whether you are a huge mileage monster covering 100s of miles a month or you like to take your time and enjoy the view, this challenge is accessible to all and whether it takes 6 months or 12 months + when you finish you will get a finishers medal and a postcard from Georgia congratulating you on your accomplishment.


There are 2 levels of entry on this challenge.

1. The cheapest is you enter the challenge, you do your miles and then submit your evidence to us at the end to and we will send you a medal along with a postcard from Georgia - your end state.


2. The more expensive option is that we will email you each month, and you submit your monthly mileage to us and we will track your progress along the trail. As you cross each state line, we will send you a postcard from that state welcoming you on the latest leg of your journey.


So keep yourself motivated and achieve your fitness goals with this great virtual challenge, with support from Race the World team to help and encourage you along the way. 

Appalachian Trail

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With or Without Postcards
  • Shipping is included in the entrance fee for all challengers in the UK. For challengers outside the UK there is a £4.00 shipping charge.


    Medals and certificates will be posted within 48 hours of receiving your final finishing submission.

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