This is the entire 2020 Monthly distance challenge collection, 1 entry for each month of the year.

You will be able to choose from :

25 Miles

50 Miles

75 Miles

100 Miles

125 Miles

150 Miles

200 Miles and 

250 Miles.


The medal is identical, but the ribbons will all have the distance, month and year on them.


You simply choose your goal distance, complete your miles and just before the end of the month we will send you a reminder for you to submit your evidence to


As a collection subscriber, you are not restricted to your chosen distance challenge for the whole year and will be able to reduce down or increase your mileage each month depending on whether your monthly mileage is progressing or you have other things going on which are restricting your training or are hit by injury.


We accept evidence from all smart watches/fitness apps, and we will also email out at the beginning of the month, a log sheet (for each month for those who prefer to write down their runs/walks/bike rides.


Closing dates for submissions will be the 4th of the following month and all medals will be posted thereafter.



2020 Monthly Distance Collection Jan - Dec


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