To celebrate the 70th Anniversary of the first Championship Grand Prix, hosted by Silverstone circuit, we have launched the Silverstone 5.9km Event. 


The 70th Anniversary Grand Prix  was a one-off Formula One motor race held on 9 August 2020 at the Silverstone Circuit

It was held as a 70-year commemoration race of the Formula One World Championship at the same circuit which hosted the first championship Grand Prix in 1950.


So run/Walk/cycle/swim Row the equivalent distance of the Silverstone circuit which is 5.89 km long. 


Either use our app to record the distance for you, or simply send a screenshot from your tracking app to claim your medal at the end.  Just email it to


This is a perfect event if you have recently finished the C25k and looking to push your distance running a little further.  


Silverstone 5.9KM

£12.50 Regular Price
£10.00Sale Price