The International Space Station orbits at 408 KM or 253.5 Miles above the Earth and so the challenge is to Run, Walk or Cycle those 253.5 Miles anywhere, anytime at your own pace.



Race to the Space Station

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  • The start date of your Race to the Space Station is the date from when you enter the challenge unless you tell us otherwise, however, you cannot backdate the start date.


    There is no time limit on this challenge, so whether you are a true mileage monster aiming to finish within the month, or whether you are taking a more moderate approach, you will still finish and receive your spinning International Space Station themed medal and finishers certificate with your finish time.


    At the end of each month we will send you an email for you to submit your mileage for that month and we will help track your journey to the International Space Station if you would like us to, however, there is no obligation for you to do so.


    We accept evidence from all electronic tracking apps, whether it be Garmin, Fitbit, Strava or your other favourite app. We do acknowledge however, that not everyone likes tracking apps and so we are happy for you to send a manual log. We will send you by email a manual tracking log should you wish to use this.


    When you have completed the challenge, please send your final evidence to


    We really hope you will join us in the Race to the Space Station



  • Shipping is included in the entrance fee for all challengers in the UK. For challengers outside the UK there is a £4.00 shipping charge.


    Medals and certificates will be posted within 48 hours of receiving your final finishing submission.

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