For our June 2021 'Miles in a Month' challenge, you will be able to choose from :

25 Miles

50 Miles

75 Miles

100 Miles

125 Miles

150 Miles

200 Miles and 

250 Miles.


The medal is identical, but the ribbons will be customised with your chosen distance and year on them so you can proudly celebrate hitting those distance goals. Entries are welcome from cyclists, runners, walkers, rowers, swimmers - however you choose to complete your miles is absolutely fine with us.


You simply choose your distance, complete your miles and just before the end of the month we will send you a reminder for you to submit your evidence to


We accept evidence from all smart watches/fitness apps, OR download the Race the World App to help you track those miles and watch them countdown to zero.


If you overshoot or hit a bump in the road, there may be room to change your distance subject to medal availability.

June 2021 Distance Challenge