The Grand Canyon is iconic, beautiful and breathtaking all in equal measure. It is also 277 miles long, and so we challenge you to walk/run/cycle the length of the Grand Canyon.


Entries are now open, and the challenge will start on 1st January 2020. We have 2 options for entry and that is to finish in 3 months, or to take as long as you like and enjoy the view. 


You complete the miles anytime, anywhere and at your own pace, so whether you are a budding Mo Farah, or like me a bit of a plodder, this challenge is achievable by all. 


We will send you a log sheet for you to record your miles if you do not have a fitbit/garmin/apple or alternative activity tracker. We will send you an email at the end of each month to record your mileage for that month, and if you wish to, you can send us your miles and we will help you keep track.


When you have finished your 277 miles, send your evidence to us at and we will send you out your medal and postcard to celebrate and commemorate your achievement. 277 miles is a long way.


Our medals are 80mm wide x 4mm thick and so nice and chunky and won't get lost on your medal hanger.


You can enter this as an individual event, or you can enter our bundle offer, which is 4 250ish mile challenges plus free entry into our 1000 Mile Challenge 2019.


This Bundle comprises

Grand Canyon Challenge - 277 Miles

River Severn Challenge - 220 Miles

London to Paris - 214 Miles

Cambrian Way Challenge - 291 miles

Free Entry into 1000 Mile Challenge 2020.


You choose in which order you choose to do the challenges. So sign up and join in and smash your fitness goals in 2020.

Grand Canyon Challenge


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