This Bundle comprises of the following challenges. 


Grand Canyon Challenge - 277 Miles

River Severn Challenge - 220 Miles

London to Paris - 214 Miles

Cambrian Way Challenge - 291 miles

Free Entry into 1000 Mile Challenge 2021.


The idea is to Walk/Run Cycle or Swim the distance for each of these landmarks/footpaths/journeys at your own time anywhere. Take on each of the challenges in any order and if you finish them all in the calendar year of 2020 you will receive a free 1000 Mile Challenge 2020 medal.


There is no pressure to finish all 4 events in the 12 months though, you just won't qualify for the free medal at the end, and so there are 2 options of entry on this bundle offer.


How Does it Work ?


  •  Purchase your entry into the event


  • Go off and do your miles. You can cycle, run, walk, swim, row using indoor and outdoor equipment. Every mile counts and how you build your challenge is entirely up to you. You can do the 4 events in any order that you choose.
  • Have Fun !
  • When you have completed any one of the events, please send your evidence to and we will get that hard earned medal out to you.
  • Then get cracking with the next one in the series until you have completed all 4.
  • If you would like to back-date your entry to try and get the 1000 Mile Challenge medal, that is fine. Just send us your miles to date and we will get those medals already earned out to you. Please send this to


We thank you in advance for your entry and we look forward to sending you your medals.

250ish Mile Challenge Bundle