1000 Miles in 2020 !


You can run, walk, cycle or swim if you prefer or you could do a combination of all the disciplines, but the aim is to cover 1000 Miles over the 12 months of 2020.


We will send you a log sheet to keep a record of your Miles each month over the 12 month period so you can keep track of your progress over the 12 months and also to keep you focussed on the challenge. Pin it to your fridge so you can see it at all times - I know for me out of sight can be out of mind....When you have finished send a photo of your activity tracker or the log sheet to submissions@racetheworld.co.uk


At the end you get a fabulous bespoke medal.


We are going bigger with our medals for 2020 which will be 80mm x 4mm


How Does it Work ?


  •  Purchase your entry into the event


  • Go off and do your miles. You can cycle, run, walk, swim, row using indoor and outdoor equipment. Every mile counts and how you build your challenge is entirely up to you. 


  • Have Fun !


  • When you have completed your miles, just let us know, sending your evidence to submissions@racetheworld.co.uk using the challenge name as your subject title and we will get that well earned medal out in the post to you.


We thank you in advance for your entry and we look forward to sending you your medal


With it being an annual distance challenge and us being into the 2nd half of the year, you can of course use all your miles from the 1st January towards your 1000 Mile challenge.

1000 Mile Challenge 2020