1000 KM in 2020 !


You can run, walk, cycle or swim if you prefer or you could do a combination of all the disciplines, but the aim is to cover 1000 kms over the 12 months of 2020.


We will send you a log sheet to keep a record of your kms each month over the 12 month period so you can keep track of your progress over the 12 months and also to keep you focussed on the challenge. Pin it to your fridge so you can see it at all times - I know for me out of sight can be out of mind....


At the end you get a fabulous bespoke medal and finishers certificate.


We are so pleased with the medal for the KM Challenge, which is instantly recognisable as ours from the 2019 challenge, so the two will sit really nicely next to each other - for 2020 however, our medal size is increasing from 70mm to 80mm


We look forward to welcoming you to Race the World 2020.

1000 KM Challenge 2020


     Contact us at contact@racetheworld.co.uk

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