So with the advent of our smart watches and phones there are numerous ways for us to track our steps and whilst controversial in some people's thinking, there is a guideline that we should all be doing 10,000 steps a day as part of a healthy lifestyle, and so this year we are launching our 'steps' challenges for 2020.


For this challenge, the concept is simple, and that is that you complete on average 10,000 steps a day over the course of 2020. Of course we know that over the course of a year, there are going to be days where 10,000 steps are just not possible, which is why we have done it as an 'average' steps a day. 


We will send you a log sheet for you to record your weekly steps and your average per day from your step tracker, so you can keep a track of where you are at with the challenge and you can either send this to us at the end of every month or at the end of the year.


We will send you an email at the end of every month to submit your step counter to keep you focussed on the task, as I know from personal experience a year long challenge can get lost in your head as the year progresses, and then all of a sudden you have a monumental mountain to climb....or is that just me ??


Our designer is just putting the finishing touches to the medal design which is looking really fab, and this year we are going a bit bigger with all of our medals.


We really look forward to welcoming everyone to what is a pretty epic challenge

10,000 steps a day challenge 2020


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