Our Long Distance Challenges can be done anywhere, any time and at your own pace. 

How does it work ? 

1. Choose your event

2. For those events with postcards, at the end of every month we will send you an email for you to log your miles with us.  

3. Send in your evidence each month and we will help you to log your progress and send you your postcards as you progress along the trail. When you have reached the end, we will send you your very hard earned medal.

3. For those events without postcards, when you have finished your miles, email your evidence to submissions@racetheworld.co.uk and we will send you your hard earned medal.

What Evidence do we accept ?

We accept pretty much anything. Screenshots of any smart watch stats/tracking apps, a photo of your completed RTW log sheet or even your miles written down on a piece of paper. It is all taken on trust.

What activities can we do to complete our miles ?

Run, Walk, Cycle, Swim, Row - again pretty much anything goes. It is your challenge and very personal to you, so how you complete it is ok with us. 

When will my challenge start ?

Generally your challenge will start on the day you entered, however, if you enter mid month and would like the miles from the whole of that month to count, that is fine. 

Can I purchase a medal for miles already done ?

Yes of course, you have done the work, why not get a medal to reward yourself.

Can we enter as a team/family and use our collective miles ?

No problem at all. We love seeing teams and families work together to complete the trails. We are very flexible