About Us

Race the World is a Virtual Challenge Series with a difference. We have chosen some famous world landmarks and challenge routes for you to take on for continued motivation to lace up those trainers, get on your bike and head over to the swimming pool.

We have some sports specific challenges, such as Swim Loch Ness, Climb Everest, Run/Walk to the Space Station and our loooonng distance challenges for those mileage monsters who want to push themselves further which can be completed using a combination of Run/Walk, Cycle and Swim. We don't care about pace and most of our challenges have no time limit in which to complete. The only person you are racing against is yourself. We all have different fitness goals, and you meeting those is what is important to us.

We also have our Annual Distance Challenges, which is where we really started when I set up the 1000 Mile challenge as part of my London Marathon Fund Raising. We have since added our 'Miles in a Month' Events and charity challenges. We believe we have something for everyone, so join in and smash all of your fitness challenges with Race the World.

How it Works

You pick your challenge and Enter clicking on the picture of the medal. This will take you to our shop pages where there will be more information on the challenge you are interested in including the 'rules', although we are pretty flexible as the best laid plans can easily be derailed.

So, I have entered, what happens next ?

Go off and do your miles in any way you want . As long as it is a distance based activity, we are happy for you to Run, Walk, Row, Kayak, Swim, cycle  whatever you want to do. You can use indoor equipment or enjoy the great outdoors. It is your challenge and you build it in whatever way you want.

What do I do when I have finished ?

When you have finished your challenge, you email your evidence to us here at submissions@racetheworld.co.uk and we will get your medal posted out to you.

How long will I have to wait for my medal ?

All medals are dispatched within 2 working days of receiving your evidence of completing the challenge.

What evidence do I need to provide ?

We accept all tracking apps, Garmin, Fitbit, Strava or any other preferred app. You can use steps or boots on evidence, it is entirely up to you how you complete the challenge. 

What if I don't use an electronic tracking app ?

That is fine, we are happy for you to send us a manual log of all those miles you have completed, so a screenshot of this would be perfectly acceptable.


From time to time we will be running special charity medals. With these all of the profits will go to the charity meaning we won't make a penny from the sales.

We currently have challenges in support of Chester and Welsh Mountain Zoo, Macmillan Cancer support and Breast Cancer Now. Check out our Charity Challenges page for more information

Race the World have also decided to support various charities during the year and so every month will have a nominated charity which will receive a donation from every order that is made through our website during that month (apart from those orders for Charity Challenges)

Our nominated charities for the rest of 2020 are :

September - Macmillan Cancer Support. We all know someone who has had cancer, whether they have won the battle, are fighting the fight or have sadly lost that battle and so in the month where Macmillan hold their coffee morning, we are going to have a special charity challenge and support this amazing charity.

October is Breast Cancer awareness month and so we will be supporting Breast Cancer now whose aim is for everyone to survive this dreadful disease by 2050.

November - Movember. This charity is the leading charity in all that is to do with Men's Health including Testicular and Prostate cancers and Men's mental health and suicide awareness.

December - Salvation Army who provide support to those that are homeless, victims of domestic abuse or  have fallen on hard times and need some extra help.