Our Annual Distance Challenges run for the whole of 2020 and we now have entries open for our 2021 events - how far can you go, and with the Race the World App, it is now easier to keep track of those miles?  


How does it work ? 

Download the app at :

  • Register an account if this is your first challenge with us at Race the World. Your password will need at least 1 Upper case, lower case,  numerical and special characters in the password.


  • Link Your strava account, if you have one. This will pull any miles done after activation, directly into the app.

  • Add a challenge, you will need your order number for this. The RTW team will then activate your account, please allow up to 24 hours for this to happen, although it will normally be much quicker.  You will get an email confirmation of activation, which contains lots of useful information on how to use the App. You can still get started in the meantime, just manually add any miles done prior to activation.


  • Do your miles, and watch your progress with the miles ticking down to zero and the finish line.


  • Once you have completed all of your miles, then an email will come automatically through to you and the RTW team to let us know that you have finished and your medal will go out to you in the post.


  • Please allow up to 2 working days for dispatch of your medal which will be posted 1st class.

If I don't use the app, can I still take part ?


Yes you can. We will make available a log sheet on the website on 30th December 2020 for our 2021 events, for you to record your miles, or you can take a screenshot of your tracking app when you have finished. Then just end this to submissions@racetheworld.co.uk and we will get your medal out to you.

What activities can we do to complete our miles ?

Run, Walk, Cycle, Swim, Row - again pretty much anything goes. It is your challenge and very personal to you, so how you complete it is ok with us. 

Can I purchase a medal for miles already done ?

Yes of course, you have done the work, why not get a medal to reward yourself.

We are part way through the year, can I still enter ?

Yes, we would still love to welcome you to our Annual Challenges, and you can of course use all those miles you have accumulated since the beginning of the year.